Best snack of all time

When the going gets tough, the tough get snacking!! Well healthy snacking that is. That’s what I did today. After spending over 3 hours on the road going to and from Lakeland, I was a hungry lil girl. So I made Hungry girl white pizza with extra tomatoes and a lil chix !! Yum and on the side was my oatmeal “wanna be” cookie and a dollop of vanilla chobani.

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Best snack of all time

When the going gets tough, the tough get snacking!!

The best snacker of all time!!!

My little guy loves frozen carrots!!!!

Well healthy snacking that is. That’s what I did today. After spending over 3 hours on the road going to and from Lakeland, I was a hungry lil girl. So I made Hungry girl white pizza with extra tomatoes and a lil chix !! (I know I know I forgot to take picture, I was soo hungry)Yum!!! You can get the recipe here. I added chicken so it would be more of a meal plus a little protein never hurt anybody.


Yummy 3 minute cookie and Chobani

On the side was my oatmeal “wanna be” cookie and a dollop of vanilla chobani. I took this recipe from Tina over atΒ  Carrots N Cake. Its amazing! I’m weird and changed a few things to accommodate what I had laying around.

3- Minute Oatmeal Cookie (adapted from Carrots N Cake- original recipe)

Combine the follow ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl:

  • 1 pkg of Mable brown sugar Reduced Sugar instant oatmeal (I used apple and cinnamon)
  • 3 tbs water
  • 2 tsp brown sugar splenda blend
  • 2 tsp all-purpose flour (I used whole wheat flour)
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • Cinnamon to taste

Microwave for about 45 seconds to a minute and let cool. Pop out and enjoy!!

With that said, I got my Christmas present from Jay yesterday!!!! I love it.

Watch of fun.....look out world

I needed a waterproof watch that allowed me to have a stop watch as well as an alarm. He hated my other one that my parents bought me and thus my new “girly” sport watch arose.Β  With that being said, I’m about to curl up with my little devil and rest before its time to workout.

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Mr. B

Oh Bailey

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How I spent my Sunday

Signs of a good day spent relaxing on the couch with the love of my life

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I’m back!

After 3 months off and switching jobs twice, I’m pooped!!! I’ve gotten back into my schedule of healthy eating and working out. This holiday season was a little hectic not to mention some of the worse colds ever. But I’m back with new exciting workouts. I’ll have more to tell ya on Monday.

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Pumpkin Enchiladas and Sweat

Ms. Sicky (aka ME) is all better!! Phew that infection took a lot out of me!! Anyhow, let’s jump right back into life.


The last few days have been nothing but work work work 😦 But last night I had a pretty good dinner. While I did like it, next time I’ll tweek it a little πŸ˜‰ Using a recipe I saw on Julie’s blog, I made Pumpkin Enchiladas!!

Pumpkin Enchiladas and Wild Rice

Yes I know, it sounds weird (I got tons of funny looks from people when I told them what I was making for dinner) but seriously, don’t knock it until you try it.

Mmm Mmm smells muy delicioso

Look, I'm laying down, can I have some now??

Apparently, someone else thought it smelled so good, he could do a few tricks and receive some…he was sadly mistaken LOL

So when I made the enchilada’s, I diverted from the recipe (I don’t like onions or cilantro eeewww), but thats what gave the filling some substance. My lil’ enchiladas were nothing but sauce and beans (but I like sauce and beans haha). To make this meal an actual meal, I added some of this

Easy Peezy Rice!!!

I love Uncle Ben’s microwavable rice!! They’re super easy for rice pudding/ chicken bowls/ anything you can think that you would add rice to. Plus for a person that lives by themselves, there’s no mess and its quick and I just store it in the bag I made it in. I tend to use the brown rice and wild rice medleys (they are healthier for you!!!). But I digress…..

….to keep with my “Veg Mex” cuisine I added a cup of this

Yum Yum Sangria

OMG!!! While I hate red wine (yuck!), I love red and white sangrias (but I hate the calories). So whats a girl to do…. Low-Cal Sangrias! (or Sanfree-as!!, as my friends call it) It’s all the heart healthy benefits of red wine (SCORE!!) and as a bartender, I’ll put it against some of the best REAL Sangrias anywhere!!

*** I’m not posting my version of my pumpkin enchiladas just yet, I want to perfect this with things that I love while keeping it as low-cal as possible*** stay tuned though, I feel it will be making a comeback next week!!

Low-Cal Sangria

  • 3 single serve packs (6 total)of crystal light of both Sunrise Classic Orange and Peach Tea
  • One bottle of red wine (I prefer Merlot, it’s sweeter than Cabernet)
  • One Orange, cut into round slices
  • One Necterine, sliced
  • One Peach , sliced
  • 1/4 c. creme de casis
  • 1/4 c. blueberry vodka
  • A few splashes of Pomegranate liquor
  • A few splashes of pear vodka
  • ~ 2 c. water

Take the first 2 ingredients and put them into a pitcher. Stir until the powder is dissolved. Add the water a 1/2 cup at a time until you get a taste that you prefer. Mine took about 2. Stir. Add the cut fruit. Add the different vodkas and liquors and stir. Cover with plastic wrap and set in the refrigerator, until cold (if you’re like me and impatient add ice cubes and subtract some of the water, that way as it melts it’s not diluting the taste).If you like a bubblier taste splash some club soda in your glass, when you pour you’re serving.

If you couldn’t tell, I definitely made this recipe up on the fly, so feel free to add or subtract amounts as you see fit. If you don’t like it, take it out and replace it with something else, as long as you like it who the heck cares!!!

This Morning


I started out this morning with white chocolate peanut butter on some toasted whole wheat arnold thins.


I headed straight to the gym to workout. I worked with my trainer and did a calorie-blasting (light weight) 3 part circuit. It included lunges, squat jumps at different heights, and ball throws…needless to say after an hour I was oh so sweaty. After that, I jumped on the treadmill for some much needed cardio. While I enjoyed (I’m not being sarcastic!!) my 40 min. run/jog/climb session, I realized that my week and a half hiatus from the gym, combined with my sinus infection, has seriously zapped my endurance. 😦

Usually when I’m on a treadmill, my game plan is to run for as long as possible. As a dancer, I hate long runs as they tighten my hammies up to much, but I love sprints as they help my quads and they allow for a longer calorie burn long after you finish. So after running for about a little over a mile, my legs and my brain get bored, so I raise the incline to about 4.5 and alternate climbing/ sprinting for a mile.For the next mile I lower it and alternate mall-walking (also known as light jogging) and sprinting. So, I know you’re asking how long do I walk or sprint or climb or jog…ehh… I like to use a very scientific method called my ipod :-)I put my ipod on a playlist that I like and get to moving, when the song changes, so do I. Usually the tempo of the song determines what I do (slower tempo= walking, faster tempo = sprinting) I also put the playlists on random so that I don’t know whats next (that can be good or bad, 4 sprint songs in a row is killer !!!). Thats about it.

After, I came home to walk my little pup, who did not appreciate my love of fitness and stalled as many times as possible during out 1.5 mile walk.

I'm lookin', I'm lookin'

Walk and walk and walk, that's all she ever does!!

1.5 miles!!! Lady you've lost you're mind!!

He quickly passed out when we returned home.. and is now sleeping as I type my blog.

So one of my closest friends is a head sushi chef at a restaurant by my house (yeah I know you’re jealous, heck I would be)and I miss him. So me and my sushi buddy are about to run up there for dinner and possibly a little mini putt putt later (HaHa)….. So awesome sushi pics to come!! Peace, love and chicken grease (y’all remember that saying LOL).

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Cooties Pt. 2

Alrighty folks here we go πŸ™‚

After sleeping for most of the day yesterday, I felt better enough to try and tackle work. BBIIIIGGGG mistake. Although I made it through the entire day without feeling bad, the minute I got home I started feeling horrible all over again. So once again I’m climbing back into bed but first what I ate for B-fast!!

Yeah I know it's an ugly brown color!!!

So I attempted to make a green monster smoothie (I think my sickness made me forget the proper ratios). Well I can say this it tasted great (surprised!!, yeah I know me too).

The smoothie started out great. I put in my spinach, my vanilla protein, my strawberries, and a whole frozen banana (problem #1).

Yeah that's celery in there.

After reading about people adding celery, of course I had to give it a try. I added my pinch of xanthan gum, and in went the almond milk (this is where things got tricky). I decided on a whim to throw in some flax seed (well it couldn’t hurt….WRONG)!! Everything was pretty and green until that.

See.... it's all in there

Well…little did I know the flax seed turned it brown, but didn’t affect the taste. Actually the smoothie tasted more like a nutty vanilla protein shake……MMMMmmmmm….tasty!!

Ok I’m off to climb in bed…. See everyone tomorrow…toodles

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I’ve Got the Cooties!!!

Sorry folks, this post is going to be super short.

Today’s post was supposed to be about my pumpkin enchilada recipe and yummy smoothie breakfast but, my body had other plans.


After sleeping to rest for work, I did an at- home cardio workout circuit (will post circuit soon) then quickly got dressed for work, where the evil nasty cootie bug caught me. Before work was finished my eyes had begun to get swollen and I had the worse sore throat and sinus pressure…UHHH OHHHH.

After drugging myself with some Theraflu to get a little sleep, I ran myself to a nearby walk-in clinic where I was told that I was at the beginning of getting a really nasty sinus infection mixed with allergies and a cold (super ick ick). Which is strange because I’ve felt fine all week. It’s been about a year since I last got this so it’s time was near.

Now home from with medications and boxes to kleenex, I threw together my vanilla soy protein pudding to have something in my tummy and ate a few RF Nilla Wafers (yum). I’m going to climb in bed with my Vitamin Zero water, throw on a movie and I’m calling it a day. I have work at 8am tomorrow 😦 so hopefully I feel better before then.

Click here to check out this blog post by Juilie @peanutbutterfingers about being sick and working out. It’s pretty informative and will help you know when to take a break and when to just slow down. See ya soon, hopefully without the cooties!!

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It’s like a bar…in your mouth!!

Let me start by saying that this is probably one of the
most impromptu, no recipe-meal that I’ve ever made. It was quite
great and took no time at all, best part… IT’S HEALTHY!!!! After
picking up RF blue cheese crumbles and buffalo sauce, I knew
something spectacular would come out of it… I was going to make a
meatloaf but after realizing I couldn’t find my pan, (AHAAA) mini

into the oven.....

So I
didn’t know how I would like blue cheese so I did half of my
meatballs without them. πŸ˜‰ Pure amazingness came out…

My little
buffalo nuggets

If you
look closely you can see the top half have no cheese but the bottom
is ooey-gooey.

All crispy and hot

these were baking, I got hit with another inspiration, steak fries
(WooHoo!) Since I had a sweet potato sitting around I sliced it up
and tossed it in a little EVOO and salt n’ peppa’. On to the baking
sheet you go.

Sweet Potato Baked Steak Fries!!!!

out the Oven

again this was also PDQ (pretty darn quick!!) While these were
baking and the meatballs were cooking, I threw some seasoned fresh
broccoli and broccolini into a steam bag and popped them in the

It's gettin' hot in

FYI- if
you have never tried the ziploc steam bags, they are amazing and
they make cleanup a breeze. Actually, I use them to store any
leftover veggies as well. So all together my meal ended up like

some of my taters made it to the plate

The fries
were soo good, that most of them were gone before I could get my
camera out. And my plate was so full of veggies that I had no room
for my buffalo chicken meatballs, no matter they still made it to
my mouth LOL. Total cooking time was a little more than 40 minutes.
The key was to over lap my baking with prepping.

Buffalo Chicken

  • one celery
    stalk (finely grated or chopped)
  • one carrot
    (finely grated or chopped)
  • about 1/4 c.
    Frank’s Red Hot buffalo sauce
  • 3/4c whole wheat
    panko break crumbs
  • one egg white
  • salt n’ peppa
  • 1 tbs each of garlic
    and onion powder
  • 1 package (~1lb) ground lean
    chicken breast
  • 1/3 c. blue cheese crumbles,
    optional (reduced fat)

Preheat oven to 400
degrees. In a bowl combine all of listed ingredients. If you choose
to add the blue cheese, add it last to prevent squishing it. Form
golf ball sized balls and place on a non-stick baking surface. I
had about 20, but mine were small. Bake between 15-18 minutes. I
split one open to make sure it was done, at minute 16 and it was
perfect. I grabbed some calorie free blue cheese dressing and mixed
a drop or two of buffalo sauce in it and got to dunkin’…
definitely like a bar in you mouth!! (can you say football game
snack!?! because I can) I have so many left overs, I see a
veggie/chicken bowl in my future…. time to watch a little of the
boob tube before turning in before the start of my work weekend…..

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Late to Bed, Late to Rise

So today started out quite uneventful. I slept in and proceeded cleaning my room (who knew deep cleaning could make you sore?!?!). Without boring you with the details πŸ™‚ let’s get to the good stuff…..

Breakfast Brunch

I started snacking on some pomegranate pearls and got a brilliant idea…..throw them in the some pom-flavored greek yogurt.

Get in my belly!!-Wait get in my yogurt!!!

Pomegranates have tannins and antioxidants that are great for your body. The juice and seeds carry tons of fiber and destroy free radicals in our bodies.

With my yogurt I wanted to try out these portable milled flax seed packets I had picked up. Given this was my first go with pure flax seeds, I didn’t know what to expect.

Flax pack, my yog and pom pearls

Thats a whole lot of FLAX!!!

Looking good!!!

Yum Yum

Mixed together

I took a bite and…… it’s great. With the flax seed, it does taste nutty (like the package says, DUH!) but maybe I should have only used half a pack but oh well, too late now. The taste of the fresh and pureed pomegranate pearls were amazing. This is definitely going to be a staple from now on.

…Off to run some errands….. Dinner is looking to be fan-freakin’-tastic!!

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