Hola World!!!!! My First Blog

Welcome people in blogging world to……… drumroll please………….. Guiltless delicious bliss!!! My name is Kellie I’m a 24 year old bartender/ nutrition consultant, who has a love for all things yummy, healthy, organic, fun, and fitness-y(yes.. my own word), but not necessarily in that order. I have a knack for turning un-healthy things healthy….. and they must taste unhealthy as well.

I’ve wanted a blog for the last few months and finally when faced with deep-cleaning my condo or starting my blog, we all see which won HAHA!!

So I know most people have an idea of what guiltless delicious bliss is…. well here’s my definition: guiltless delicious bliss, is that indescribable, warm/ fuzzy feeling that you get that makes you forget all the craziness in your life and no matter what you don’t feel bad for doing it(for me it’s usually accompanied with warm brownies and cookies mixed in ice cream). Since I’m like most 20- something year olds (and sometimes 30 and 40 year olds), I’m finding my niche in this world and would like to do more than just exist but LIVE!! So this is a sneak peek into my chaotic lifestyle, all while trying to be fit, happy, healthy and sane (well 3 out 4 suffice).

So if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions you can respond here or email me at gdlbliss@gmail.com

P.S. I’m new to this photo-taking blogging world so be patient and if you have any helpful suggestions puh-lease send them.. Thanks!!!

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