*** Warning: Delicious Bliss Moment Ahead!!!***

Let me first start off by saying… “please don’t judge me” LOL this is a do as I say and not as I do moment! In creating my new blog today, I forgot to do one thing: EAT!!! Now how did I forget to eat, I’m a lover of food?!?! Typically I eat at work due to my hectic schedule, with snacks and light meals eaten at home. Most dinners look like this:

— Please note the healthiness and well rounded meal on your screens. There’s chopped romaine lettuce, two veggie patties for protein, cottage cheese, cukes, tomatoes, and bell peppers. (please disregard the carrot cake in the top corner LOL, I was craving sweets).

But not tonight folks, in celebration of my blog, I’m ordering PPPPIIIIZZZAAAA!!!! Yum Yum Yum I can remember the last time I had pizza and breadsticks. As a sign from up above as I was quickly typing up this post waiting for the pizza to get delivered there was a knock on the door….


IT”S HERE!!!!!! (this excitement was coupled with random dancing and child-like giggling…sad I know…aka delicious bliss moment)

So I know it looks like a lot of food, but people I promise this will last me for the next week (I pray…yikes) and I got friends joining me. The chicken will become parts of a salad…. ok I gotta run foods getting oh so cold!!!! nightie night

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