What Did Ya Buy?! GOLD!!

Yeah…. So that was the response I was given by Jay after I told him how much I spent groceries (lets just say the cashier said I set her record high for s person that lives alone to shop for themselves and it was way over 275)…..OOoopssiiee!!! I guess I got carried away 🙂 But sparked an idea… every week when I go grocery shopping I’ll highlight whats in my fridge (talk about using my noggin).  [Mini Rant- why is healthy food so freaking expensive, how the heck are people suppose to eat organic/fresh/unprocessed food when a jar of peanut butter is $7– mini rant now over]

Since my fridge was uber bare, I needed to get fresh and healthy food in it stat: so I took a little adventure to my good friend Publix and yes while I had a very extensive list, I still didn’t stick to it. (#1 Worse thing to do when trying to keep a budget) But I found some things I had seen on other blogs as well as just wanted to try.

Here are the top finds of my grocery list: I try and buy as much things as close to all natural or organic as possible….

(sorry about the pics I’m still figuring this thing out)

I'm finally Full...YEESSSSS!!!- The Fridge

Look at all that healthy, fresh goodies… my pantry is just as packed.

My snacks of choice

I found these Snap pea crisps (far back in the middle) in the Greenwise section and since I like wasabi peas (yum) and edamame (yum yum), I’m hoping these are as delicious as they sound. Can you see my baby food?!?! For years I’ve been teased on buying either Gerber Graduate items or jars of mashed baby food. My theory on this is, one they are usually very low in calories and they have little to no preservatives (go look yourself). Plus, think of the things we eat that we wouldn’t even consider giving to a baby. So during my freshman year in college I started my own baby food diet, it didn’t hurt either that I like the taste LOL. Nowadays, I realize that its not nutritious enough to only eat baby food so I snack on them to keep my calories low.

Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy!! (Ren and Stimpy, people)

Some of my cold things- I love greek yogurt, it has a whole lot less sugar than normal yogurt and at least 2x more protein (And protein’s our friend LOL). Broccoli slaw (hmmm I’ve got plans for you and that jar of pasta sauce, you just wait). I bought as many cans of canned pumpkin that I could find… it’s so versatile, you can bake with it, add it to yogurt, add it to oatmeal, etc and its nothing but fibery yummy goodness. I also found some Walden Farms apple butter (ooooo butta), blueberry butter spread (aka thick blueberry jam, its gonna be on some sandwhich thins later), and caramel dip… all of them zero (yes Z-E-R-O) calories. No it doesn’t taste just like real caramel or as sweet as normal apple butter but hey it’s about as close as you’re gonna get. So I hate the taste of spinach when its in a salad but oh boy do I love it wilted in some Tofu noodles or with celery in a smoothie.

Necessary for my healthy Buffalo Chicken Bites....MMMmmmm

I love Pomegranate Pearls...you're going to meet my friend Mr. Chobani

I feel a Greek night coming soon!!! I got the dip and the pita chips

Not pictured but noteworthy foods:

  • quinoa
  • lemon water
  • Shirataki Tofu Noodles
  • quinoa flakes
  • lean ground chicken and turkey (natural and organic)
  • Baked Pita chips and Pretzels
  • Nectarines, apples, and peaches (Oh my!! – Wizard of OZ anyone!?!)
  • Ground Flaxseed (my first time experimenting, we’ll see what I come up with)
  • Almond Butta and White Chocolate Peanut Butta (Heaven!!!)

After putting those groceries away I was on a mission. If you remembered from my first post a few days ago, I had put off cleaning to start my blog, well it was time to clean. And I do mean CCCCLLLLEEEAAANNN!!! It took about 3 hours (I stopped to blog and snack on some broccoli slaw) but I’m 90% done with my Spring Fall cleaning.

Yeah I took pics, I was that happy that I could see my floor- P.S.- I'm not done in this room yet

Yeah I cleaned all 3 of these AHHHH- the Horror, the torture

Sorry for everyone that read this post and either were hungry before hand (and now after) because my mouth was is watering thinking of all the possibilities with these food treasures…… off to play with the puppy, tomorrow I tackle the bedroom and my many closets (GULP!!). Look for the Buffalo chicken meatballs tomorrow…. I cant wait!!!!

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