I’ve Got the Cooties!!!

Sorry folks, this post is going to be super short.

Today’s post was supposed to be about my pumpkin enchilada recipe and yummy smoothie breakfast but, my body had other plans.


After sleeping to rest for work, I did an at- home cardio workout circuit (will post circuit soon) then quickly got dressed for work, where the evil nasty cootie bug caught me. Before work was finished my eyes had begun to get swollen and I had the worse sore throat and sinus pressure…UHHH OHHHH.

After drugging myself with some Theraflu to get a little sleep, I ran myself to a nearby walk-in clinic where I was told that I was at the beginning of getting a really nasty sinus infection mixed with allergies and a cold (super ick ick). Which is strange because I’ve felt fine all week. It’s been about a year since I last got this so it’s time was near.

Now home from with medications and boxes to kleenex, I threw together my vanilla soy protein pudding to have something in my tummy and ate a few RF Nilla Wafers (yum). I’m going to climb in bed with my Vitamin Zero water, throw on a movie and I’m calling it a day. I have work at 8am tomorrow 😦 so hopefully I feel better before then.

Click here to check out this blog post by Juilie @peanutbutterfingers about being sick and working out. It’s pretty informative and will help you know when to take a break and when to just slow down. See ya soon, hopefully without the cooties!!

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