Cooties Pt. 2

Alrighty folks here we go 🙂

After sleeping for most of the day yesterday, I felt better enough to try and tackle work. BBIIIIGGGG mistake. Although I made it through the entire day without feeling bad, the minute I got home I started feeling horrible all over again. So once again I’m climbing back into bed but first what I ate for B-fast!!

Yeah I know it's an ugly brown color!!!

So I attempted to make a green monster smoothie (I think my sickness made me forget the proper ratios). Well I can say this it tasted great (surprised!!, yeah I know me too).

The smoothie started out great. I put in my spinach, my vanilla protein, my strawberries, and a whole frozen banana (problem #1).

Yeah that's celery in there.

After reading about people adding celery, of course I had to give it a try. I added my pinch of xanthan gum, and in went the almond milk (this is where things got tricky). I decided on a whim to throw in some flax seed (well it couldn’t hurt….WRONG)!! Everything was pretty and green until that.

See.... it's all in there

Well…little did I know the flax seed turned it brown, but didn’t affect the taste. Actually the smoothie tasted more like a nutty vanilla protein shake……MMMMmmmmm….tasty!!

Ok I’m off to climb in bed…. See everyone tomorrow…toodles

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