What Did Ya Buy?! GOLD!!

Yeah…. So that was the response I was given by Jay after I told him how much I spent groceries (lets just say the cashier said I set her record high for s person that lives alone to shop for themselves and it was way over 275)…..OOoopssiiee!!! I guess I got carried away 🙂 But sparked an idea… every week when I go grocery shopping I’ll highlight whats in my fridge (talk about using my noggin).  [Mini Rant- why is healthy food so freaking expensive, how the heck are people suppose to eat organic/fresh/unprocessed food when a jar of peanut butter is $7– mini rant now over]

Since my fridge was uber bare, I needed to get fresh and healthy food in it stat: so I took a little adventure to my good friend Publix and yes while I had a very extensive list, I still didn’t stick to it. (#1 Worse thing to do when trying to keep a budget) But I found some things I had seen on other blogs as well as just wanted to try.

Here are the top finds of my grocery list: I try and buy as much things as close to all natural or organic as possible….

(sorry about the pics I’m still figuring this thing out)

I'm finally Full...YEESSSSS!!!- The Fridge

Look at all that healthy, fresh goodies… my pantry is just as packed.

My snacks of choice

I found these Snap pea crisps (far back in the middle) in the Greenwise section and since I like wasabi peas (yum) and edamame (yum yum), I’m hoping these are as delicious as they sound. Can you see my baby food?!?! For years I’ve been teased on buying either Gerber Graduate items or jars of mashed baby food. My theory on this is, one they are usually very low in calories and they have little to no preservatives (go look yourself). Plus, think of the things we eat that we wouldn’t even consider giving to a baby. So during my freshman year in college I started my own baby food diet, it didn’t hurt either that I like the taste LOL. Nowadays, I realize that its not nutritious enough to only eat baby food so I snack on them to keep my calories low.

Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy!! (Ren and Stimpy, people)

Some of my cold things- I love greek yogurt, it has a whole lot less sugar than normal yogurt and at least 2x more protein (And protein’s our friend LOL). Broccoli slaw (hmmm I’ve got plans for you and that jar of pasta sauce, you just wait). I bought as many cans of canned pumpkin that I could find… it’s so versatile, you can bake with it, add it to yogurt, add it to oatmeal, etc and its nothing but fibery yummy goodness. I also found some Walden Farms apple butter (ooooo butta), blueberry butter spread (aka thick blueberry jam, its gonna be on some sandwhich thins later), and caramel dip… all of them zero (yes Z-E-R-O) calories. No it doesn’t taste just like real caramel or as sweet as normal apple butter but hey it’s about as close as you’re gonna get. So I hate the taste of spinach when its in a salad but oh boy do I love it wilted in some Tofu noodles or with celery in a smoothie.

Necessary for my healthy Buffalo Chicken Bites....MMMmmmm

I love Pomegranate Pearls...you're going to meet my friend Mr. Chobani

I feel a Greek night coming soon!!! I got the dip and the pita chips

Not pictured but noteworthy foods:

  • quinoa
  • lemon water
  • Shirataki Tofu Noodles
  • quinoa flakes
  • lean ground chicken and turkey (natural and organic)
  • Baked Pita chips and Pretzels
  • Nectarines, apples, and peaches (Oh my!! – Wizard of OZ anyone!?!)
  • Ground Flaxseed (my first time experimenting, we’ll see what I come up with)
  • Almond Butta and White Chocolate Peanut Butta (Heaven!!!)

After putting those groceries away I was on a mission. If you remembered from my first post a few days ago, I had put off cleaning to start my blog, well it was time to clean. And I do mean CCCCLLLLEEEAAANNN!!! It took about 3 hours (I stopped to blog and snack on some broccoli slaw) but I’m 90% done with my Spring Fall cleaning.

Yeah I took pics, I was that happy that I could see my floor- P.S.- I'm not done in this room yet

Yeah I cleaned all 3 of these AHHHH- the Horror, the torture

Sorry for everyone that read this post and either were hungry before hand (and now after) because my mouth was is watering thinking of all the possibilities with these food treasures…… off to play with the puppy, tomorrow I tackle the bedroom and my many closets (GULP!!). Look for the Buffalo chicken meatballs tomorrow…. I cant wait!!!!

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Super Green Monster Smoothie

Last night was very tiring. So tiring that I couldn’t even get time to write a post.

Last night

Cheer Girl Ent.

Since I graduated I’ve been employed by a professional dance group. We dance at charity events and also tutor dancers on how to make professional dance teams, such as NFL, AFL, NBA and collegiate ( told ya I’m a busy girl lol).

I made a green monster smoothie to drink on the way to practice. It was a new recipe I came up with on the fly. It looked disgustingly green LOL but it was delicious.

Practice was the devil!! 3 hours of new dancing, and after a two week hiatus, my butt got whopped. I was a super sweaty mess after it and literally fell into bed (after a shower, of course!).

Yummy Green Monster Smoothie Recipe

1 celery stalk
2 handfuls of spinach
1 scoop vanilla protein
1/4 cup sliced frozen strawberries
1/4 cup sliced frozen banana
A pinch of xanthan gum
3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Combine all ingredients in blender. Vary the amount of almond milk depending on how thick you like your smoothies (I like ’em thick and creamy so I use enough to get everything blended). Sweeten further with sweetener of your choice if it’s a little bland. Grab a straw or spoon and enjoy. Yum yum

Breakfast/ Lunch

Today I finished off the extra smoothie that was left over— it’s super filling. Work was long from 10-6 (ick!) and since I was greeted by Mr. Bailey for a long walk— I can never say no to his little faces– dinner had to be quick and fast. So I made some Gluten-free multi grain milled flaxseed and soy hot cereal with the rest of my Fuji apple chopped into it. [BTW You will soon realize I’ll eat breakfast anytime of the day it’s quick, fast, and healthy! My tummy has no clock and doesn’t care]

Please Mommy take me out!!! Pretty Please

Okay I’m off to walk Bailey until one of us tires out first. I’m praying it’s him. The rest of the night is watching the season finale of The Rachel Zoe Project (love it!!!) and coming up with my cleaning/food shopping/supply restocking to-do list for my next two days off :-/

Question: How do you relax after a long day? And what types of things relax you.

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Back Into The Swing of Things

Today started out on the not so good side. I was late to work…eeeekkk!! The second time in the two years I’ve been there. NOT GOOD! Instead of my 8am starting work time, I arrived a little after 9:15am, luckily my job is great and is a little forgiving (but there went my plan for an early morning run). Breakfast was a handful of the chicken nuggets from last night(Yuuummm) and a handful of apples eaten hastily in the car.

Lunch was a no-go today. After my hasty dash towards work I lost most of my appetite when lunch time rolled around. So I ate a veggie patty to get something down….. big mistake! By the time 4pm rolled around my tummy sounded like little bears were growling in side. With Bailey hanging out with my parents, I had a lonely house to come to and let my college roots come back in full force.

My little monster, Bailey the puppy

With no puppy food to prepare and no one to walk, I came home and stretched out. Then the little tummy bears begin rearing their ugly heads again. Hmmm dinner….. although I can cook, I see no reason to make a full meal for one person, too much work and too much to clean…. so since I like easy to prepare quick healthy meals I hit the fridge.

Thank you Julie

In tribute to one of my favorite blogs and bloggers, Julie@ pbfingers.com, I made a yogurt and hot oatmeal fruit bowl. It was my first experience and to my surprise it’s so delicious. I love Chobani greek yogurt and I love oats, why not put them together!

My Recipe

  • 6oz of Strawberry greek yogurt
  • 1/2 Fuji apple, chopped
  • 1/2 cooked oats
  • 1/2 Naner (Banana LOL)

After that joyful experience, I decided to hop on my elliptical (woohoo)while watching some Real Housewives of DC (gotta catch up, I was behind!!). I did interval sprints for about an hour and PHEWW was I tired, but during all of that I contemplated my fitness goals for the next few months and how I would like to get back on my 5 day a week workout schedule (AAAACCKKK). So today until my birthday (January) I’m on a full speed ahead training schedule (more to come with future posts).

So have a great Sunday night everyone I’m off to veg out in front of the TV and work on understanding this blogging thing…. adios!

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*** Warning: Delicious Bliss Moment Ahead!!!***

Let me first start off by saying… “please don’t judge me” LOL this is a do as I say and not as I do moment! In creating my new blog today, I forgot to do one thing: EAT!!! Now how did I forget to eat, I’m a lover of food?!?! Typically I eat at work due to my hectic schedule, with snacks and light meals eaten at home. Most dinners look like this:

— Please note the healthiness and well rounded meal on your screens. There’s chopped romaine lettuce, two veggie patties for protein, cottage cheese, cukes, tomatoes, and bell peppers. (please disregard the carrot cake in the top corner LOL, I was craving sweets).

But not tonight folks, in celebration of my blog, I’m ordering PPPPIIIIZZZAAAA!!!! Yum Yum Yum I can remember the last time I had pizza and breadsticks. As a sign from up above as I was quickly typing up this post waiting for the pizza to get delivered there was a knock on the door….


IT”S HERE!!!!!! (this excitement was coupled with random dancing and child-like giggling…sad I know…aka delicious bliss moment)

So I know it looks like a lot of food, but people I promise this will last me for the next week (I pray…yikes) and I got friends joining me. The chicken will become parts of a salad…. ok I gotta run foods getting oh so cold!!!! nightie night

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Hola World!!!!! My First Blog

Welcome people in blogging world to……… drumroll please………….. Guiltless delicious bliss!!! My name is Kellie I’m a 24 year old bartender/ nutrition consultant, who has a love for all things yummy, healthy, organic, fun, and fitness-y(yes.. my own word), but not necessarily in that order. I have a knack for turning un-healthy things healthy….. and they must taste unhealthy as well.

I’ve wanted a blog for the last few months and finally when faced with deep-cleaning my condo or starting my blog, we all see which won HAHA!!

So I know most people have an idea of what guiltless delicious bliss is…. well here’s my definition: guiltless delicious bliss, is that indescribable, warm/ fuzzy feeling that you get that makes you forget all the craziness in your life and no matter what you don’t feel bad for doing it(for me it’s usually accompanied with warm brownies and cookies mixed in ice cream). Since I’m like most 20- something year olds (and sometimes 30 and 40 year olds), I’m finding my niche in this world and would like to do more than just exist but LIVE!! So this is a sneak peek into my chaotic lifestyle, all while trying to be fit, happy, healthy and sane (well 3 out 4 suffice).

So if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions you can respond here or email me at gdlbliss@gmail.com

P.S. I’m new to this photo-taking blogging world so be patient and if you have any helpful suggestions puh-lease send them.. Thanks!!!

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