About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Kellie, I live in the lovely city of Tampa, Florida. I’m a recent college graduate from the University of South Florida (GO BULLS!). I’m a bartender and just recently started my own nutrition consulting company… so many goals, so many aspirations.

You know the girl that makes everyone laugh but deep down is really quiet and shy…..well that’s me!! I’m a nut and have nutty ideas. This blog is written as a my self-expression towards all things healthy and fun, the my little quirks that allow me to obtain a balanced life.


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My background

I’ve always been an athletic person. As a child I played football, basketball, tennis, horseback riding and track. On top of everything I’ve been an avid dancer since I was two. So I guess you wonder why I’m at all concerned about healthy eating.

Somewhere around high school something happened– I began noticing that I looked different than other girls. I’ve had a constant battle with weight and the way I look. In college I began a double major in biomedical science and athletic training with minors in biomedical physics and sports medicine ( yeah I’m a nerd lol). I did all this while accomplishing my goal as a USF Sundoll ( Go Bulls Go!!)

With all that knowledge I began realizing that people had no clue on how to eat or what to eat and it wasn’t anybody’s direct fault, it just wasn’t stressed in the 90’s. So while I had been a pretty strange/ healthy eater ( I gave up red meat at 11 and carbonated drinks at 9!!), I began eating as healthy as I could afford. I said adios to processed foods and incorporated more natural, organic, and sustainable foods. I began creating a collection of all my healthy recipe swaps. Healthy nachos, reduced fat red velvet cupcakes, healthy lasagna, my famous baked fried chicken, you name I can make it healthy.

But sadly I’m no saint, while I try to eat as clean as possible as well as convert as many unhealthy things to healthier items, I still love normal things like pizza, and taco bell and nachos (my fav). As a college athlete I had mandatory 6am (2 hour) workouts 5 days a week plus 3 (3 hour) practices a week, and while I love working out, I learned that that life as a bartender does not embrace such a lifestyle. And now in my quest to become a fitness and nutrition guru (hehe) I’m trying to figure out the correct formula for my life.

So that’s it… that’s me in a nutshell 


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